Friday, September 4, 2009

Monday is my last day for this summer season for being a personal cook and dinner party organizer. I love the job. The hours are late and the work can be very labor intensive at times so I find painting to be very spuradic. Not only that, I find that I am not very organized to do a painting every day. I have run out of the correct size board and have to gesso and cut more. So this morning, with my daughter Alex, I went to the Home Depot and bought four boards. each board can be cut into 32 6"x6" panels. I plan to paint them before I cut them down this time. a friend is coming to my house on Tuesday with a table saw to cut them down with me. So before Tuesday, I have to gesso the big boards 3 times to get them ready. Then I will have four months worth. Also, the brushes have come in and I bought more paints so I will be ready to go. I plan on making this part of my morning reutine because I have tried doing it after work at 8 or 9 and I am pretty shot by then. I am a morining person anyway. I love my peaceful mornings. Lets see if it changes my work not to be exhausted and in poor lighting when I pick up the brush...not to mention trying to beat the clock to get the posted by midnight!

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