Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updated Pochade

My new updated version now holds my panels safely with two lower brads and one upper eyescrew that I can just rotate to secure the panel or release it! No more big bulky clamps that I have to paint around and no more packing the wet panel with cork protectors in the corners because now I can just close the lid and the painting is secure to dry in the box! Ah, so much better. Plus, now instead of holding the palette, the palette fits on top of the lower lid of the box leaving room underneath to store my brushes. I put my spirits and paint in a separate cigar box and my tripods and paper towels in my tripod bag and I am ready to go. So much easier and so much quicker. The 6"x6" painting that I produce with this box are shown next to a fork for reference. They are very small.

Tweeking My Pochade Box!

This is my old set-up for my travel easel. I took an old 9" X 12" art box, filled it with my paints and spirits and palette knife and then used big clamps to hold my panels on the frame of the opened box. This was not always secure and a fewtimes the wet panel popped off during painting landing wet side down. I would pack it all into a back pack with paper towels, brushes and a tripod. It worked but holding the palette and not having it built in left me struggling with the use of only one hand. Another problem was transporting the we canvases. I would use two panels and place cut corks in the corners and then secure this with rubber bands and touch up the corners when I got home. I asked for advice and I got it from a very great artist in Germany, Edward B. Gordon (check out his blog through my profile).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Composition...which one do you like?

These are three preliminary sketches for a new commission. I do not know which one we will choose.

Shipping One off to Texas