Monday, December 27, 2010

New Website Gallery

Since coming back home to Massachusetts from my art studies in Annapolis, there has been a surprising number of people commissioning me for a charcoal portrait. They have been asking me where they can see some examples of my work in charcoals and so far, I have had to show them my blog. They wanted to know why I don't have charcoals on my website. Well, I am awfully new at charcoals having just taken my first class this October and November but what a good idea! So, yesterday, I started working with my website designer, Steve Eimer, to add a Charcoal Gallery to the site. It makes good sense. So until I get the official charcoal on-line gallery up, here are some of the works that I have done in the past few weeks. There will be more to come. You can check my Recent Works Blog to see each work as I create them.

Behind the scenes, James is a critical help. He can tell when something is off by even a few millimeters! He has an amazing eye. I also love that he is unafraid to just walk up and take a stick of charcoal and make these minor corrections. He has never worked in charcoal but he doesn't mind. He thinks that I am funny when I can't see my mistakes right away. I wish he would take up art. He would be truly amazing at it! Here he is fixing an eye on his sister's portrait that he thought looked "wonky-eyed."

I did a portrait of James...seeing I had done one of Alexandra. He didn't have to help me with this one and he said that it looks just like him. Glad that he likes it!

Here is Alexandra taking a photo with her cell of her portrait. She wanted to send the image to her boyfriend.

So, I have been very busy and very glad for it! I am so thankful for all of my great teachers in Annapolis; Rick Casali, Andree Tullier, John Ebersberger, and the Egeli's. What an amazing group of super tallented portrait artists and they are all so generous with their teachings and tips. They are a great group of people and I am looking forward to studying with them for one more month this winter.