Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting the Boards Ready

First I had to get all of my little boards and big boards that need to be cut down together. I mixed black gesso with white gesso until a had a medium grey. Then I used a damp sponge brush and diluted the gesso with a little water and applied three or four coats making sure to sand in between. It was a learning experience. As I got better at it, the results got smoother. Tuesday, the large boards will be cut into 6"x6" panels. I plan to be ready Thursday to start creating A Paiting a Day. Getting all of my supplies ready is going to be very important.


  1. Oh, LOL
    I love the black and white abstract.
    your first painting a day and you haven't even started yet. :-)

  2. Yeah! I liked it too. It was te most creative thing that I had my hand in yesterday! Very Italian looking. Your site is beautiful. I loved looking at the pictures. It reminded me of being there and the fact that I need to get back to that coast. I took a motorcycle ride from San Fran to Seattle and back a few yers ago along rt 1. It was amazing! Got to see those huge trees and the dark sand of your beaches and eat the best crabs that I have ever had!

  3. Thank you so much for looking in at my site. Super nice of you. It must have been an awesome ride along the coast on a motorcycle. It sounds so romantic. Ignoring the bugs and tangled hair of course. What a great experience you must have had!